Apologies to sushi connoisseurs and to all Japanese people for using the word sushi for this recipe. Technically sushi involves raw fish and sushi rice. This has neither. What this recipe also lacks is cholesterol, refined carbs and a heap of pollutants. Thumbs up? Big thumbs up!

Now, please also understand that this was my first time making “sushi”, so it’s quite a basic recipe. But it was incredibly tasty, vegan and healthy which, in my opinion, is what makes a great recipe. Health and taste are two big priorities for me. As is the absence of dead animal parts.

Anyone following my love affair with the WSLF lifestyle will be happy and/or interested to know (or not…) that this recipe is WSLF-friendly! That means it’s low fat and not processed in any way, ie. it consists of a whole starch.

In this vegan sushi recipe you will find red quinoa. I am aware that not every supermarket sells this so please just use normal quinoa if that’s all you have available. I also used some beautiful and organic peppers, cucumber, avocado and mango. Bring organic is not a pre-requisite for your veggies but please make sure the mango and avocado are ripe! That’s an NB note!

Prep time: 20 minutes

Makes: 10-12 rolls

*IMPORTANT: I highly recommend a sushi mat for this! The rolling part is hard.


80g (dry) red quinoa (or any quinoa of your choice)

1/2 mango

1/2 large avocado

1/2 pepper

12 batons of cucumber

2 sheets of nori wraps

Rice wine vinegar



  1. Prepare your quinoa according to package instructions (it’s generally just like cooking rice)
  2. Cut off a quarter of a cucumber and slice it in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds and dispose of them. Slice the cucumber into thin batons.
  3. Slice the rest of your veggies/fruit into long-ish thin slices.
  4. When the quinoa is cooked, let it cool for a while.
  5. Add 2 tbsp of rice wine vinegar to the quinoa and mix in.
  6. Place a nori sheet on top of your sushi mat.
  7. Start by placing the ball of the quinoa in the middle of the sheet of nori, and spread it out evenly. Use your fingers to spread the quinoa onto the nori. Keep your hands wet with a mixture of water and rice vinegar.
  8. When you have the quinoa distributed evenly start adding the cut veggies in a line from left to right. I used around 3 slices of each filling in 1 roll and spread them out evenly so they were positioned close to each other but not exactly on top of each other.
  9. When you have everything in place begin rolling from the side closest to you.
  10.  Lift the nori and fold it over the first couple of inches of quinoa and filling. Make sure to keep the ingredients in place and that the quinoa sticks together as much as possible.
  11. Don’t worry if it doesn’t completely stick together – technically it’s not designed for sushi so you will lose a few grains of quinoa while you’re rolling.
  12.  Keep rolling! Tuck the front edge of the nori into the roll, and remove the mat as you continue to roll the sushi. Roll slowly so that you ensure that the sushi is coming out even.
  13. Tighten the roll. You will need to tighten the roll to keep ingredients from falling out when you cut it. Remember to tighten the roll with your sushi mat often, but not too tightly. Roll the sushi roll back and forth in the mat to tighten and seal it.
  14. Leave the roll to sit while you make a second roll.
  15. Then slice the roll using a very sharp, wet knife – this is the tricky part surprisingly. The rolling part is easier than it seems.
  16. You can cut the rolls as big or as thin as you like. It is said that the more ingredients in the sushi the thinner you should cut the slices. But it’s up to you!
  17. Serve immediately with a little bowl of tamari for dipping and a wedge of lime for squeezing.

Truth bomb: I used way too much sushi to make a respectable roll. My first roll ripped so I couldn’t cut it into wee sushi pieces. Don’t overcrowd your nori wrap like I did!

If any actual sushi connoisseurs want to correct my rolling explanation please do so in the comments! I’d love some tips.

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Go raibh maith agaibh.

Amy x


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