Rescued Cow Video and Reflection on Dairy

This video came up on my Facebook newsfeed and I feel it is important to discuss this. This beautiful cow was rescued from terrible conditions on a small farm but the rescuers noticed something was off. The cow seemed sad and was crying since her rescue. They spotted her udders full of milk. The cow had left a calf behind at the farm! The distressed state of the cow just demonstrates how animals clearly feel just like we do! Imagine a woman being separated from her child at birth?

The rescuers were lucky enough to get the calf back from the farm and take it to it’s mother. Watch how excited the mother cow gets and how weak the calf was due to hunger and stress.


But thankfully the rescuers were just that: rescuers. And not dairy, beef or veal farmers, who routinely steal the cows babies from them days after birth so that they can steal the milk meant for the calf.

Do you know that this is standard practice in the dairy industry?

That means milk, cheese, ice cream, cream, butter, milk chocolate, whey protein, yoghurt, Greek yoghurt…etc.

Can you believe that we, as a society, think it’s OK to steal a mothers child, so that it doesn’t drink the milk that was meant for it, so that we can drink it? Is that not the most selfish, cruel and discusting human act?

Like human women, cows can only produce milk during and after pregnancy. So they are raped (or artificially inseminated if you’re fond of fancy words that play down the real meaning) . Raped to get pregnant. So that we can take their milk.

Since female mammals can only produce milk during and after pregnancy, all cows are raped once a year to impregnate them. On big farms the female cows are forced into what the industry calls a “rape rack”. And using a bare hand or long steel device they inject them with bull semen. In smaller farms the animals are locked into a “stall” where they are raped.

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Then after they give birth to their own child, it it taken away from them. So that the farmer can sell the cows milk to you! A human!!


This barbaric act of cruelty is so unknown to most milk drinkers. They literally imagine their milk coming from a chilled out cow being happily milked by a friendly farmer on a pretty farm! The dairy industry has been pulling the wool over our eyes now for decades.

I think enough people nowadays are clued in about the complete bullshit that is the “milk is a perfect food, calcium, protein, bla bla,” lie. But there are many people who ignore health warnings and give in to temptation.

But it is more than your own  health at stake. These cows and their babies are being treated like machines. A commodity to make farmers money.

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But these are living beings who have an emotional bond with their children just as strong as the bond between a human mother and her baby. How would you feel if your baby was taken away from you as soon as it was born and put in a cage  for weeks and then slaughtered while you have big metal pipes hooked up to your swollen “udders” that are full of milk and sucked dry so that some other species can enjoy a fucking latté, or a Ben and fucking Jerry’s, or a nice bit of fucking mouldy cheese?!


Milk machines...
Milk machines…





Your habits are directly causing the suffering and depression and endless pain of other actual sentient beings who want to live and be happy and free and safe just as much as you do.


What gives us the right to enslave and torture innocent beings for greed and gluttony?

Filthy calf at dairy farm


It needs to stop and it has never been easier. There is nothing you can’t get a substitute for these days. Every health food shop has amazing alternatives and if you lucky enough to live in a city you are likely to have even more and if you have the internet, well, congratulations. Ever hear of online shopping?

The possibilities are endless and don’t be one of those EEJITS that turns their nose up at vegan cheese and says “oh it doesn’t melt as well….”.



I wrote a post before about the best dairy alternatives so click here.


I don’t want anyone to be offended by my blunt use of language but I just get so upset and angry when I think about the injustice that is being done to animals and I direct all this emotion and passion into these posts to try and educate the uneducated and to try and get through to the stubborn or naive.

What it should be about



Amy. x


For more info on dairy check our Gary Yourofsky’s page here.


YouTube channel of “The Gentle Barn” where this lucky mother and child were reunited.


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