Most vegans will tell you that being vegan is a lot easier than you think. We eat and buy food every day, so it doesn’t take long to get into a habit of only eating and buying vegan food. Besides, all shops sell vegan food: fruit, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, herbs, spices, etc. these are all basic foods found in all supermarkets, no matter what the city or country. So in that sense, being vegan is a breeze!

But, when being vegan starts to pose a challenge is when you start taking into account ALL the different ways in which your money could contribute to animal suffering. After switching the contents of your fridge to healthier plant-based alternatives, comes the change in personal hygiene products. Not too difficult these days with many vegan bloggers and websites sharing their favourite vegan and cruelty free products. More and more make up brands like Kat Von D and Urban Decay have huge ranges of vegan make up, and websites like Peta have endless lists of cruelty-free cosmetic and vegan-fashion brands.

Free the felines

But what about when you pay someone else to do your make-up or hair?

This is an issue, I will admit! Especially if you’re from a small town or a rural area. For big important nights or days out nothing makes you feel more special than getting pampered with your friends. It’s something I think should be addressed in all beauticians and hairdressers. There are so many brands now that are cruelty free and vegan so it wouldn’t be too hard to provide the option for vegans, just like restaurants and cafés are starting to do.

Natural and cruelty-free hairdressing

Luckily for me though, I live in Barcelona. This is a huge, cosmopolitan, progressive and forward-thinking city with lots of vocal vegans. This has resulted in there being plenty of beauticians and hairdressers that offer natural, cruelty free and vegan treatments. I decided to treat myself to a simple wash and blow-dry in Organicamente to cleanse my hair of all the hard minerals in the water here.vegan hairdressers barcelona

My regular readers will know that I’ve been strictly no-poo for the last 9 months now, meaning, I don’t use conventional shampoo. I use natural methods like baking soda and vinegar, or when I’m too lazy to buy more vinegar, just water! The water-only method is fantastic, but, not in Barcelona. The water here is too hard and it leaves a residue in your hair. So, these days I book myself in for a wash and blow-dry every so often to cleanse the hair and scalp.


This particular day myself and my Barcelona bestie stumbled across a hairdressers that claimed to use all organic and vegan products while browsing through a very useful app called Treatwell. The salon in question was Organicamente. At first glance it definitely appeared to have that all-natural-eco vibe with lots of greenery and wooden structures. The words “100% natural products” and “ecohair” caught my attention immediately. I read further and deduced that yes, this was a salon that used all vegan products, and this was the salon for me!


This was the first thing to stand out for me. I’ve already established that I can get a basic wash and blow dry here in Barcelona for cheaper than I could at home, and it delights me, but when a salon claims to use all-natural and all-vegan products, I mentally prepare myself to be charged double the normal rate. I was recently quoted a price for a wash and blow dry in another salon that claims to be all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan, and it was slightly ridiculous. So when Treatwell showed me the price for a wash and blow dry in Organicamente: €22 – I thought immediately: “Too good to be true…” (or: “too cheap to be good”).

It was definitely worth taking the chance though. I mean no matter how bad the service it might be, I was still going to have someone else wash and dry my hair for me, so, I felt €22 would be worth whatever was going to happen.


I went for the most basic of basic treatments – to be fair I shouldn’t even call it a treatment because it was just a wash and blow-dry. But, the shampoo experience was so amazingly invigorating and unique that it felt like a treatment in itself.

The shampoo was mint and eucalyptus based and holy moly you could feel it in the scalp! And due to the fact that the shampoo didn’t have any SLS’s, ammonia or any chemicals, it has to be massaged into the scalp to be activated. What a treat! Everyone loves a good shampoo massage, add that to the intensely fresh and tingly sensation from the mint and eucalyptus, and you have a revitalising and refreshing experience.

It was amazing – the best shampoo I’ve ever had in a hairdressers. The pleasure didn’t end with the shampoo though: the conditioning treatment was soothing and moisturising – as it should be I suppose being a conditioner.

I was astounded at the attention to detail and dedication to the shampoo and conditioning stage. My hairdresser really made an effort and concentrated on the massage to activate the eucalyptus shampoo, and then took into consideration my hair type and made sure to leave the conditioner in longer, for extra moisture. He didn’t rush through the wash in that mechanical, production line way, often experienced in most busy and generic hairdressers.

For the blow dry I asked for a wavy style, and wavy I got. I have a lot of hair and my hairdresser really exerted himself trying to give it some oomph! I was delighted with the result. It was big and bold and very feminine, nothing like any style I’ve ever worn before. It would have been perfect for a wedding or an occasion.


The decor is simple and modern but with a natural edge. With a rustic meets industrial wooden plyboard backdrop and upcycled wooden crates used as shelves, this place walks the walk and talks the talk.

I love how they promote their products as natural, vegan and organic, and they follow that up with an eco-luxe decor that most certainly has been recycled or upcycled in some way. Not to mention the stunning wall display of plants. It’s like being in  a wooden shack in the middle of the rainforest. Perfect no?

Feast your eyes on the patchwork couch too – it’s a lovely change to the generic black chairs in every single other hairdresser that has ever existed ever.

ORGANICAMENTE vegan hairdresser barcelona


Can’t fault it in any way. They were welcoming without being head-wrecking, chilled,  didn’t talk too much, informative, gave good advice, explained the idea behind the products well  – they even took photos for me for this post (I didn’t tell them I was going to write it until I got there!). The attention to detail in the natural shampoo wash and the blow-dry was really quite something – it was so luxurious and decadent. I still can’t get over the price!!

ORGANICAMENTE vegan hairdresser barcelona


We booked through the app Treatwell. Treatwell works by giving you a list of salons near to your location, or in a  specific location. You can also search by treatment needed. We flicked through the list until we found something natural and vegan, ticked the box that said “Wash and blow-dry”, put in card details, and the salon was booked and paid for faster than you could say Bob’s your Uncle. Couldn’t beat it!



If you’re vegan, live in Barcelona, and like to look good, why wouldn’t you go here?

ORGANICAMENTE vegan hairdresser barcelona


  1. It looks and sounds a really yummy hairdresser Amy. The mint and eucalyptus in the Shampoo are so good for your overall hair and scalp health. Love the value you get in hairdressers in Spain, prices are abusive here in Ireland and most of the times the experience is poor . I will go to organicamente eco hair next time I am in Barcelona. for sure ! Love your blogposts xx

    • So true mayca! I’m just that used to Irish prices that I couldn’t believe how good the value was here! The shampoo was something I’ve never experienced – I’ll have to go back 100%! Thansk for the comment

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