Jazzing Up a New Old Coat

What is it that they say… “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?

It’s so true! Especially for me because recently I have made the conscious decision to not buy directly from big multinational clothes shops that contribute to environmental damage through “fast-fashion“, and, who also contribute to child labour and horrible work conditions in places like Bangladesh and China. This meant no more Topshop, Pennys, Nike etc.

Nike - Just Do It there in the Sweatshop


The way I got around this was shopping online from smaller, more independent and eco-conscious companies, and through Ebay, TK Maxx, charity shops and vintage shops.

Shopping in charity shops you need to be very open-minded and kind of imaginative. If you have the patience to hoke through the rails you can always find something or make something work. As we will see:

I found this yellow jacket in a size 16 (I’m an 8). I actually don’t know if it is a jacket or if it’s supposed to be a coat but I saw potential in it for both!


Clearly, it was big and yellow, very yellow. I have the sleeves turned up in this pic because if they were down it would have looked bigger and yellower.

So I tried to look at the bigness and the yellowness in a different way. What about oversized and bright? Hmmmmm…

However those matching yellow buttons were just too much. They had to go. “Sayonara buttons!” I said. That meant the buttons needed to be replaced, which is the easiest thing to do in the world. You just need to go to your nearest craft shop and see what they have. Most big towns should have one.

I didn’t want all my buttons to be the same. I have a thing about not matching buttons.


I got these four buttons in Craft Heaven, a shop in my town, all for less than a fiver.

I can’t sew but my handy mother can so she did the sewing for me, but if you don’t have an in-house sewer you could always just go to a dressmakers, which I have done before.


IMG_3260 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3263

Don’t they look pretty! And didn’t mum do a very professional job of it 🙂



This couldn’t have been more simple and CHEAP!


Excuse my modelling skills…


soft focus one

I’m really happy with how this jacket/coat came out. I’ll definitely be using it this Autumn while the weather is confusing. I’m not sure it will be warm enough to wear in Winter or if it will look good worn over another jacket but we will see.

It was an absolute bargain at €7 with the buttons making it around €11 altogether. It is so satisfying wearing something that you know does not exist anywhere else, that you customised yourself, and that you know is going to a good cause. I got this from the St. Vincent de Paul charity shop in my town who do so much for the lesser fortunate in this country.

I would urge everyone to have a hoke through the rails and just be creative! 🙂

Let me know what you thought of this post!