green detox smoothie


This bright green detox smoothie gets its detoxing power from the coriander and parsley herbs.

green detox smoothie green leafy gael

I had a mercury filling taken out yesterday! I didn’t request to have it taken out but I know many people do because, as I learned from the film “A Beautiful Truth”, mercury fillings are poisonous to our bodies.

And although having them in your mouth means that you are constantly ingesting small amounts, when you get them taken out the drilling means that the mercury gets everywhere: in your mouth, in the air, into your lungs! Awful!

green leafy gael

But soon after seeing that film I took a notion to read up about it and found that coriander and parsley are great detoxifiers of heavy metals. Interesting. This information stayed with me and so this morning I called up to the local artisan market to get some organically grown local herbs from Ballyholey Farm Shop. I got a bunch of coriander and a bunch of parsley. Perfect for my green detox smoothie as they are organic!

To get as much of it into my system as possible I decided to make a smoothie out of it. And it was surprisingly delicious.

green leafy gael detox smoothie

Little tip for buying pineapple: most pineapples in big supermarkets are quite underripe. This means it won’t be as sweet and delicious as when ripe. So, leave it on your counter for at least a week before you open it (unless you live somewhere warm where fruit is riper). When I went to cut into this pineapple it stank! As in it smelled mouldy! But inside it was sweet and smelled delightful.




1 bunch of coriander

1 bunch of parsley

½ a ripe pineapple

200ml coconut water

Directions: Blend everything together and enjoy.


  1. Organic? or conventional?
    Are you misleading the public?
    John and indeed Gareth will both tell You they are not Organic.
    I do know that John is interested and indeed looking into certification.

    • Yes you’re right they are not officially certified. But, they are organic in the way that the public understands what organic means. No pesticides/sprays etc. Only thing they use is a fungicide on the potatoes that organic farmers are allowed used. That’s as organic as you can get. I know because I visited the farm last September. I saw all the fields and polytunnels and was given a very thorough tour of the place and was explained how they conduct their farming. Ok so they don’t have a sticker that says “organic” but to me it’s organic. And to most people who understand what organic means, it is organic. Sticker or not! 🙂

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