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Autumn is here. And although I may be in Barcelona where – contrary to popular Irish belief- it does rain, it gets windy, and it can be very chilly!

Autumn has it’s pros as well as its cons. The main con is the earlier nights and the changing weather. But with this changing weather we can extract one very fun pro – wardrobe change! Everyone loves  a good shuffle of the wardrobe. In this post I’ll be sharing with you some key pieces that are on my mental wish list that will help me transition to Autumn with ease and style. There’s also a few practical necessities in there too.


green leafy gael vegan

I’ve wanted these boots for an absolute age but I haven’t been able budget properly since…ever…so I still haven’t invested. I love the suede-like fabric on these and how they are like a more elegant (and vegan) version of the traditional Caterpiller boots.

These just say to me: warm dry feet; big cosy socks; warm tights; winter beach walks; cosiness!!

They come in black, grey, tan and brown. I like the grey and tan versions best because of the suede effect. Which would you go for?

Buy them: here.

Price: €92



This coat is made from plastic bottles – can you believe it? If you know me at all you’ll know I have a thing for saving the world; and reusing the vile pollutant that is plastic bottles into a practical and fashionable raincoat, is genius in my eyes. I do wonder though, why arn’t all companies doing this?

Conscious fashion production needs to be talked about more. There are companies doing incredible things with stuff we just throw away! What’s a better place for a plastic bottle? In the stomach of an innocent whale, or repurposed into a jacket to keep you dry during the ever increasing rain showers we’re getting? Ideally we would halt all production and use of plastic immediately, but in the meantime, let’s support companies who are reducing plastic waste through creativity and innovation.

And anyway, look at how pretty this is? I recently signed up to the Barcelona city bike service, and so I’m cycling to work every day. My second day doing it I got drenched through to my very core in a flash torrential rainstorm. All I could think when that happened was…I wish I had that raincoat that I saw in London that time…

Check out the rest of the line here.

Price: £95/€108



This is one of my favourite Spanish sustainable fashion companies. They very cleverly recycle old fabrics that they come across into bags, backpacks, gym bags, purses, etc. The look of the bags changes all the time as the fabric runs out and they have to find new fabric – it’s brilliant!

I want this backpack for Saturdays for when I take my laptop into the centre to do some work on my blog/YouTube channel, and to pick up some messages from the organic shops that I don’t have out where I live. On the site they  conveniently state that this model fits a laptop and some messages – most helpful product description I’ve ever read! 🙂

Get them here.

Price: €64


vegan sustainable wish list green leafy gael

Yes I love this brand this much. As well as a backpack for Saturdays, I also want a gym bag for the mornings. I go to the gym maybe around 4 times a week (on a good week) and the bag I’m using at the moment is a pathetic excuse for a gym bag. It’s depressingly ugly – and in no way natural or sustainable.

This recycled upholstery bag would make my trips to the gym so much more aesthetic and it would hold my lunch, my hand bag and my gym gear! Practicality my dears.

You can this here.

Price: €66

The Klean Kanteen – Bottle Brush

vegan sustainable wish list green leafy gael

The clean-freak in me is coming out here.

September means back to routine and that means: meal prep. I use a lot of jars for storing foods and for my meal prepping on Sundays. The longer narrow jars are impossible to clean properly though with a standard sponge. This bottle brush is the perfect length to get down into the nooks and crannys of all my different jars and bottles.

The real attraction here though, aside from being completely practical, is that it’s plastic-free and made from all natural products. I’m always on the lookout for things that won’t harm the environment and that have not contributed to any form of environmental exploitation. This brush is just another example of how easy it is to stock your house with eco-friendly tools and goods.

Get it here (if you’re in Ireland): The Little Green Shop

Price: €19.95

That’s my current wish list (compressed) for this Autumn season. I hope you’ve found some cool brands that you’d like to try out. Let me know if you liked this post and I can post a Winter edition in November! 🙂

Amy x

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