About Me

Hi welcome to my blog!



I am a Donegal girl very much interested in health and wellness. From around September 2012 I spent any spare time I had researching health, watching documentaries, watching lectures given by scientists and lecturers on YouTube, reading health focused blogs, following health and fitness pages on Instagram, etc. etc. I never stopped wanting to learn more.

After nearly 4 years of researching, learning and changing my perspective on food and life in general I am now vegan. That means no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no honey. It also means that I try to avoid purchasing any products or items made with animal derivatives.

Going vegan was the best thing I have ever done!

The focus and objective of this blog is to encourage others to see past the conventional and traditional beliefs that we all have around food and health and learn more about what they are eating, and how it is impacting their health, and the health of the Western World.

Through my blog posts and YouTube videos I would like for people to feel inspired to eat healthier and become more aware of veganism and how easy it really is.


I am also really interested in sustainable fashion and ethical beauty. I try to have little to no environmental impact on our wee planet because it is currently in serious trouble.

With every fashion purchase I try to make sure that it is not brand new and therefore contributing to fast-fashion, or, that it is locally and ethically produced, that is, that it doesn’t use child labour or sweat shops.

With make up and beauty products everything has to be vegan and then the next best things would be natural and organic and definitely NO TESTING ON ANIMALS.


A bit about myself: I am 26, from the beautiful north west of Ireland (Donegal) and I have a BA in Irish and Spanish. I also have just completed a Masters in Spanish translation. My favourite food is fruit and my favourite colour is green. 🙂 obviously!

I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a scientist. But, if I was any of those things, I would have been taught a very specific curriculum, chosen by someone else, based on someone else’s beliefs, or financial interests….

Everything is online these days and none of it is filtered or restricted. You can read studies, watch lectures, study subjects with NO limit. This is probably one of the main reasons veganism is exploding today. We are learning things that before would not have been available to us! Not even to doctors. So although you might think what I say isn’t credible because I’m not “qualified”, everything I state is based on real, non-bias studies, books by actual doctors and researchers who actually know something about nutrition, and basic ethics and common sense.


The GREEN: This comes from my love and passion for sustainable living and the environment. Also my heritage – Ireland, the Emerald Isle! Green represents the Irish, and I love all things Irish and Gaelic. And green is also the colour of the trees and the lungs of our planet! There should be more green in the world and less grey!


The LEAFY: Again, leafy trees, leafy greens, healthy leafy greens! The world should be leafier and us humans need to eat more leaves!


The GAEL: A Gael, in Ireland, means an Irish speaking person, or someone from the Gaeltacht (the native Irish-speaking region of Ireland). It is also the root word of many Irish related areas of culture: Gaelic (football), Gaeilge (the Irish language), Gaeltacht (region where native Irish speakers live). I speak Irish and consider myself a Gael. I am dedicated to keeping the language alive and have a deep interest in our country’s history and culture. Also, Gael rhymes with kale! 🙂


Hope you enjoy my blog!


Labhraigí Gaeilge liom má tá Gaeilge agaibh. Déanfaidh mé iarracht rudaí a scríobh as Gaeilge anois is arís! Sláinte 🙂


Hablo Español también! Escríbeme en Español si se hace falta! Me encantaría comunicar con ustedes de habla Español y a quizás escriba unas entradas en su lengua. Saludos! 🙂